Sarah Mary Chadwick: "I Always Feel Like I Kill The Party"

Her second solo album is being released this week and Sarah Mary Chadwick has her priorities all sorted. "I'm just at my mum's house in Wellington. I've got a face mask on and I'm looking through all my old childhood photo albums", the 32-year-old singer-songwriter chuckles down the phone line.

It's been over ten years since Chadwick left her New Zealand birthplace to pursue her music career, initially as the lead-singer of swamp-doom outfit, Batrider, and more recently with her own solo work, which over the past few years has included her debut LP, Eating For Two, and a collection of b-sides and demos entitled Hit and Miss. She's only been back 'home' intermittently since her departure, amidst brief stints in the UK and, mostly, Melbourne, where she now lives. Her current residence, a house she shares with partner and fellow singer-songwriter Stephanie Crase (aka Summer Flake), was where she wrote her latest album 9 Classic Tracks.

"It was all written on a big old organ that I've got", Chadwick explains of the album's genesis. "I learnt piano for years and years when I was a kid, maybe 12 years, and I lived with a guy in Melbourne when I first moved back [from living in England] and he had this organ. So I started writing songs on that."

"I think I was a bit over guitaring", she adds, conceding her own boredom played a key role for the push towards a rejuvenated songwriting approach. A creative shift which has now found it's way into the final product, with 9 Classic Tracks featuring songs prominently partnering her daydream drawl with more illuminated, keyboard-based backings.

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the right reaction to @romi_online's claims that there was once a female pope


nah , I'm stoked kendrick ran modernizer.js over and reinstalled the LodiDodi module #worldwidewebs #shotsfired


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Probably as clean as it'll get (for now).


We bought a new house

A title that should be accompanied by an exclamation mark. And maybe an asterix. Because This is Sydney. And it's loaded with equity and people unafraid to use it, especially in the shadow of the lowest interest rates for 400 years.

An auction game. A rush of blood, days later pin-pointed to being precisely akin with gambling with it's brash splash of confidence, an escape from permanent insecurities and lifelong attempts of humility. Just for a moment, but that's all that was needed.

People outside of this tough town probably won't understand the magnititude of hyberbole expressed here. And maybe I am making too much of it anyway, but awash in the hangover of relief, I could hardly care.


when your whole day is just sitting under a tree waiting for mangoes to fall off , that's pretty chill


new start / maybe the only guy that won an auction today in a straight arrows tshirt [citation required] / repost for typo fix because, suffice to say, im pretty pissed right now #gettinpissed #realestate


brisbane, home of the go betweens bridge, fortitude valley and expert tour guide @paradisenights


go on then #lynchin #goma




molto buona weekend with these piccolo plumbing partners over on @rollingstoneaus IG #alliteration #crewrollsdeep #deeplikebakedzita


end of an era #tears #unblessed