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Bookmarks (Week 20, 2016)

SMH - Progress done badly, why Mike Baird's light rail is bastardry of the first orderElizabeth Farrelly: "Bambi Baird is presiding over the Bjelke-isation of NSW. Corrupt? He doesn't have to be. Indeed, if you can rewrite laws and stack boards, it's more efficient not to be. Every night, more trees go. Every day, more parkland is fenced and devoured. Worst of all is, it's unnecessary. You can have light rail and trees, high density and parks. It's a false dichotomy. Like other cities, we could have had both."

SMH - RBA will be forced to cut interest rate to 1 per cent or lower, Macquarie says Silver-lining for incompetent financial leadership, on both sides of the political divide.

Junkee - Peter Dutton's Comments Underline Australia's 'Real' Problem With Refugees Osman Faruqi: "Numerous studies have demonstrated that far from being a drain on taxpayers, refugees are actually net-contributors to our economy. They don't 'steal jobs'; they create them, they pay tax and they consume goods and services, helping keep the economy ticking along."

Rolling Stone - R.I.P., GOP: How Trump Is Killing the Republican Party Matt Taibbi: "American politics had never seen anything like this: a presidential candidate derided as a haggardly masturbating incarnation of Satan, the son of a presidential assassin's accomplice, and himself an infamous uncaptured serial killer."

ABC - WestConnex funding to be scrutinised by Auditor-General after Anthony Albanese, Senate requests Convient timing for the release of this info (although "Mr Albanese said he requested the audit in January") with a town hall meeting on the issue tonight, and Albanese named as a speaker.

The Guardian - The long game, will Malcolm Turnbull's gamble pay off?Lenore Taylor: "The leader who promised to end three-word slogans now says ‘jobs and growth’ every second breath. But will diluting the personality that made him popular win him the power to build a lasting legacy?"

The Baffler - The New Man of 4chan Angela Nagle: "Withdrawn does not necessarily imply peaceable, however, which is where the 'uprising' and 'rebellion' parts of the beta identity come in. This particular brand of computer-enabled detachment easily seeps into a mindset of entitled violence and is accompanied by a mixture of influences from the far right to the countercultural left."

Hazlitt - How Am I Going To Make Fun Of The New Radiohead Album Without Listening To It? Zachary Lipez: "My fondest musical memory is being a teenager and slow dancing in a dark, dirty kitchen to Otis Redding's “These Arms of Mine.” I was dancing with a man, not because I was experimenting but because all the girls were taken and the cough syrup was kicking in pretty hard and I really wanted to slow dance like everybody else. The kitchen was filthy, actually, broken furniture amid smeared pasta and its days-old hard encasing red sauce, and if the light wasn't broken, it eventually would be. But the stereo worked, and Redding's eternal pauses between the words 'these' and 'arms' and 'of' combined nicely with the gravity-sucking effects of the Robitussin to make all of us slowly, so slowly, circling each other in the debris feel real romantic, or at least instantly romanticized. And it was an old soul song and we knew what was up, nostalgia shooting forward and backward on the timeline like The Flash. It's why I'm patient with today's indie/DIY insta-history kids: I get wanting epic moments so bad that you psychically will them upon your own life."

The New York Public Library - Open Access Maps at NYPL Amazing archive revealed by the New York Public Library featuring "more than 20,000 cartographic works as high resolution downloads."


Podcast: How's The Views?

New one-off podcast with Bong YZA and Danny Bang, featuring an uncut chat about Drake's new album Views, as well as Freddie Foxxx, Albion Park McDonalds and Jerry Seinfeld threesomes.

Download (MP3)



iPhoned + x100t.


Best Music of 2016 (April)

Camp Cope — Camp Cope
Some words here. But I've got loads more to say about this album. Quite certainly my favourite release of the year so far. [Bandcamp]

Drake — Views
Of course. Park that criticism (chose your own: too long, too scattered, too 'safe') - there's still plenty more hits and misses here. In-depth analysis (with Yutts and Danny) coming very soon (sorry for the wait).

Frankie Cosmos — Next Thing
Picture 2008 Jonny ignorantly calling this "twee bullshit", while wearing a faded Talons tee. R.I.P Talons. And that guy too. Been lost in the intimacy of this album plenty of times this past month, with the rough edges, homemade aesthetic, giving it a real genuine sense of spontaneity. [Bandcamp]


Bookmarks (Week 19, 2016)

Medium - Designing a New Look for Instagram, Inspired by the Community

Daring Fireball - Instagram's New Look John Gruber: "The combination of a white device against a colorful gradient background reminds me quite a bit of some iPod ads from a decade ago."

New Matilda - The Charming Mike Baird Is Turning NSW Into A Police State Greens MLC David Shoebridge: "Under the guise of terrorism, the protection of public safety and safeguarding corporate interests from 'ragtag protesters', the Baird Government has continued to strip civil liberties and create a parallel criminal justice system based on rumour, innuendo, suspicion and prejudice."

GoldFlakePaint- We're All Supposed To Try: Jason Molina & The Magnolia Electric Co. Tom Johnson: "I was a few hours in to a rather dispiriting twelve-hour overnight coach journey when I learned of Jason Molina’s untimely passing on March 16th, 2013." - Apple's actual role in podcasting: be careful what you wish for "Podcasts work nothing like the App Store, and we’re all better off making sure they never head down that road."

The Guardian - Australians crave change. But this election won't deliver it David Marr: "What lies ahead is a gruelling and expensive campaign that will leave the country much as it was before"

Unapologetically Plastic - The Most Beautiful Girl in the World Joni Rush: " I would often say, 'You can get everything you need to know about life out of Prince's catalogue'. His work was my Bible, his career the movements of the night sky. Even if I hadn't realised I was trans, his death would have been a serious trauma in my life. Suddenly both layers of grief were happening at once, and they were already related."

SMH - Election 2016: Eight issues guaranteed to define the campaign (and four that could)

Medium - A simple way to end Australia’s human rights abuses on Nauru and Manus Island Steve Hind: "When they're not treating the plight of the asylum seekers Australia locks in island gulags as an input into the horse race, the commentariat ask despairingly what we can do to solve this intractable problem. The parties, the cry, are in lock step on this issue, deviating only to blame the other and reassert their 'toughness'."


Bookmarks (Week 18, 2016)

Gizmodo Australia - ABC iview Is Finally On Apple TV

Brooklyn Vegan - Stream Your Loss’ (Chumped, Elway) debut album ‘Midlife Crisis Tropical Vacation’

Vice - 'Art Therapy,' Today's Comic by HTML FLOWERS

Daring Fireball - Inside Facebook's 'Trending News' Team John Gruber: "I do two things here at DF most days: find interesting things to link to, and comment on them. An algorithm may well beat me at finding interesting links. My job then, is to be a better writer — smarter, funnier, keener, more surprising — than an algorithm could be. When I can’t do that, it’ll be time to hang up the keyboard."

FasterLouder - What happened to the great Aussie mega festival? Sarah Smith: "While a Stereo rep told FL's sister site inthemix that the festival 'will return in 2017 bigger and better than before', it’s becoming increasingly difficult to envision how such an event could possibly re-establish itself under the same model in the current market. Stereo was the very last of Australia's travelling mega festivals and its collapse raises a lot of questions. Will we ever see a national event of this scale again?"

Pitchfork - Album Review, 'Views' by Drake Ryan Dombal: "The record is called VIEWS but its perspective is decidedly singular."

YouTube - Oily Boys, Live at the Portugal Madeira Club (April 30, 2016)

Lefsetz Letter - Apple's Numbers "It's hard to get people's attention, it's hard to gain their loyalty, but once they're inured to you they don't want to give up. Exhibit number one is BlackBerry. Anybody who'd used an iPhone knew the Canadian company was toast. But even the financial press was out of the loop, looking at the numbers instead of society. And what does society want? Something new and different that not only titillates its fancy, but demonstrates extreme utility."

Soundcloud - "What Once Was" by Her's


Bookmarks (Week 17, 2016)

Sonic Masala - Never Clever "Still don't know how Clever haven't eaten up the Eastern Sea Board of Australia in their attempt to immolate all that is cautious and safe, burning the vanilla tastebuds from the bloated tongues of the elitist tastemakers, performing a Caesarean on the self-congratulatory nonpareil and casting the remains away in disgust. Is that too much?"

The Guardian - Why are we still waiting for high-speed rail between Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane?Stephen Bygrave: "A high-speed rail network would radically reduce emissions, connect regional and urban areas, create jobs and enhance investment. So why the hold-up?"

Beyond Zero Emissions - High Speed Rail Report (2014) Brilliant in-depth 'real world' breakdown of the benefits of developing a high speed rail network on the east coast of Australia.

The Guardian - Beyoncé's Lemonade is about much more than Jay Z and infidelityIjeoma Oluo: "I was not expecting to be cracked wide open by this project. I was not expecting to shed a lifetime of tears. But I did."

Medium - The Smith Street Band On the road with one of Australia's best: "As the house music fades, Run The Jewels come over the P.A and the band walk on stage to rousing applause. They open their set with Something I Can Hold In My Hands, the opening track to Throw Me In The River. Wagner sings, 'Every inch of me is always itching unless I’m on a stage,' and it’s true, as minutes early he paces around backstage trying to convince his band mates to go on stage early."


And The Sober Days That Follow These Ones

All iPhoned.


Origin of Ladyfoot (Poem for Romi)

They don't know much. In fact they might know nothing.

But one thing These Millennials (TM) know for sure is irony.

Coca-Cola jumpsuits, Crocs (TM), badges with slogans, berets, Bart Simpson sweatshirts, sweat stains on their plain grey t-shirts, grey jorts with matching grey shorts over the top, sandals made from cat hair, hats with U.S.A Beer Company Logos (TM), flip-flops and ripped tank-tops with their belly-buttons exposed.

But irony is not exclusively reserved for the arenas of High Fashion (TM).

You Can Find Irony Everywhere (TM).

Even within Nicknames.

Such is the case with the origin of the late/great/berated young gent called Ladyfoot.
An ironic label. A paradox of his most commanding physical trait - the size of his feet.
His ridiculously large feet.

Humorously out-of-scale with their environment. Like tumours on necks. Ripped off and used to indicate scoring boundaries. Goiters for goal posts. Catches win matches (in another sport), but here, it's balls between enlarged thyroid glands. A difficult task for some, but given his genetic advantage, a task Ladyfoot was Born To Achieve (TM). All hail his gargantuan feet.

And you know what they say about large feet?

Big Socks (TM).

Socks so big they could solve This Housing Crisis (TM).
Socks so big they could solve world hunger.
Socks so big they could hide us all from the inherited guilt of global privilege.

Socks so bloody large you
and me
and all 500 of your friends
that have agreed to write nice things
about you
in this book
can snuggle up inside.

The largest sock
these worthless pennies can afford.
An enviously large foot protector.
A donation from Ladyfoot.

Let's all climb inside.

Those near the top,
(the ankle off-ramp),
please inform those at the bottom,
(down in the Engine Room Toe Region (TM)),
of the coordinates of the nearest pond.

Shuffle and stumble towards that river.
A peaceful, polite exit,
first proposed by William Wagner.
And what could be better,
or wetter,
than launching ourselves
into the nearest water catchment.

Drowning in a sock.

You, Everyone
and me, Lord Ladyfoot of Lilyfield.

— J.Nail (February, 2016)

Originally published as part of a M. Banham curated collection of art/stories/etc for Romi Graham's 30th birthday. A photo of the book's cover features in this post.



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