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A Hundred Percent or More

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Piss-Stained, and Plastic

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Whatever Gets Me Out Of Here

w/ Cat Heaven


In review.

Fairgrounds 2016

Best Music of 2016, Part 6

Shrapnel, Thigh Master, Unity Floors, Julia Jacklin, Bilby and Liam Kenny.

What is This?

Right Now, Nothing

Warning signs that Convenience Corp have a fairly tight grip.

Best Music of 2016, Part 5

Thunderbolt City, Ceres and Japanese Breakfast.

All Temp

Peabody, Arakoon and temporary happiness.

Census 2016

"The online Census form can handle 1,000,000 form submissions every hour."

Trust Everyone

Trust Punks secret show in Marrickville, At The Drive-In reunion and all that could exist in-between.

In Search of Flexible Data

Everything is an item, items are defined by their attributes.

Best Music of 2016, Part 4

Car Seat Headrest, The Hotelier, PUP, Modern Baseball, Wireheads and Trust Punks.

McGuire and White Ribbon

Eddie McGuire is a terrible human being, part 2.

Saving Private Medicare

Turnbull: "In an ideal world, every Australian would have private health insurance. That would be the best, that would be the best outcome"

69 Minutes of Love Songs

How to make the Magnetic Fields more enjoyable. Kind of.

Eddie McGuire 'Jokes' About Drowning Journalist Caroline Wilson

Places Lived: Stanmore

February 2006 — April 2011. -33.893520, 151.164239

Podcast: How's The Views?

New one-off podcast with Bong YZA and Danny Bang, featuring an uncut chat about Drake's new album 'Views', as well as Freddie Foxxx, Albion Park McDonalds and Jerry Seinfeld threesomes.


Take photos of your Dads and bands and burnt out cars.

Best Music of 2016, Part 3

Camp Cope, Drake and Frankie Cosmos.

And The Sober Days That Follow These Ones

Origin of Ladyfoot (Poem for Romi)

Save Sydney, Pave the Ocean

Best Music of 2016, Part 2

The Goon Sax, Summer Flake, Violent Soho, Tim Hecker and Frightened Rabbit.

The Healthy Hate, Part 3: Stadiums of the Suburbs

Rugby league rivalry - drawn from geography and destroyed by greed.

Dick Pix + Flicks