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Friday Bookmarks (Week 48, 2015)

Github - NARKOZ/hacker-scripts

— 2015-11-27

Friday Bookmarks (Week 47, 2015)

Medium - 5 things the media does to manufacture outrage

The Fader - Zayn Malik's Next Direction

Zeldman - Save “Save For Web”

Domain - 34 Mckean Street, Fitzroy North VIC 3068

Observer - We Are All the Road Crew

— 2015-11-20

Friday Bookmarks (Week 46, 2015)

GQ Exclusive: NBA Star Thabo Sefolosha Tells His Story of Assault by the NYPD

Daring Fireball - The iPad Pro

Just Watch - 'Master of None'

Just Watch - 'Brazil'

The Guardian - A bonfire of hate in a pagan, polluted England

— 2015-11-13

Friday Bookmarks (Week 45, 2015)

Pitchfork - The Sad and Beautiful World of Sparklehorse’s Mark Linkous "And upon hearing that Tom Waits liked Sparklehorse, Linkous worked up the courage to cold-call his hero, knocking back a few Wild Turkey shots to calm his nerves."

The New Yorker - Humans of New York and the Cavalier Consumption of Others "HONY joins organizations like TED and the Moth at the vanguard of a slow but certain lexical refashioning. Once an arrangement of events, real or invented, organized with the intent of placing a dagger—artistic, intellectual, moral—between the ribs of a listener or reader, a story has lately become a glossier, less thrilling thing: a burst of pathos, a revelation without a veil to pull away. 'Storytelling,' in this parlance, is best employed in the service of illuminating business principles, or selling tickets to non-profit galas, or winning contests."

Hobart Pulp - When People Say 'Fun Fact' I Interrupt And Say 'You're Never Going To Own A House' Fantastic new short story piece from Oliver Mol.

The Atlantic - How to Protect Your Personal Data (and Humanity) From the Government "As government agencies and tech companies develop more and more intrusive means of watching and influencing people, how can we live free lives?"

Medium - Friend of the Devil "102 minute read" by Aaron Gell: "Ten years ago, an acquaintance committed one of the most nefarious crimes in New York history. Then he helped me try to understand why."

The Guardian - Foxtel loses English Premier League broadcast rights in Australia to Optus "Broadcaster Foxtel has lost its longstanding exclusive broadcast rights to English Premier League football in Australia to Optus after the multimedia company agreed an exclusive three-year deal to show all 380 matches from next season."

— 2015-11-06

Official Press Release: "The Wedge Tape", Various Artists

He loves a sip. Don't get me wrong, you/me do too. We've sipped ourselves to success, but this guy. Oh, this guy can sip with the George Best of them. And, moments before he hits up the mates down at Medicare for a New Liver, we'll have a few. A few more than just a few TBH.

But, mathematically speaking, we'll get out of sync. It's much like that classic SATC episode, but we won't leave any mates behind. No sir. Instead, we'll have a little cheeky in-betweener. Something to tie us over between rounds, shouts and/or trips “back to the bar”.

In this world, isolated to such exclusively, this side-project sip is called a Wedge.

It's a procedure that shares its name with this new digital cassette from the Gents over at Strong Look Records. Just a lil' thing to tie you over before we ramp up for summer like The Big Bash (did you hear they're using ramps this year? Yeah, I know, right? Who really cares about 1000 years of Bothams, Boons and Baqa Jilani's when you've got dudes doing kickflips while cannons shoot pink cricket balls at them?)

Less obsessed with such fanfare and sacrilege behaviour is the boys over the Strong Look Palace. So this whole thing is purposefully understated and available for the exact monetary value you expect from such an endeavour ($0-or-donation).

The aim of this tape is not only to prove we're still alive, but also to introduce you to some old friends and some new people we're tentatively labeling “pals”. It's like a border, Allan if you will, but a meaningless line nonetheless - between way back there and what we've done (and not done) and whatever is up there.

Featuring some previously released classics from Weak Boys, Marky Vaw and Solid Dad (RIP?), as well as some offcuts from the Disgusting People s/t cassette, a never-before-heard Tropical Strength (RIP?) demo/gem and an unreleased snippet from ROMI-4-REAL's comedy set at the historic Weak Boys Official Sydney Album Launch (Some Backyard, NSW). Sliced in-between and all-around those magical moments is the new stuff, featuring the “saddest power forward” in the game (Norfolk Wood), mysterious hip-hop duo Spinsterella & the Judge, a satanic part-time dad (Cut Stevens) and an introduction to our next official release, the long-awaited debut LP from Sydney producer The Seaport & the Airport.

Strong Look Records | STR0000006


— 2015-11-05

Friday Bookmarks (Week 44, 2015)

Bandcamp - 'Modern Emotions' by Conrad Greenleaf

Medium - What your Internet friends say about you

Bandcamp - 'Crime Time' by Woodboot

Medium - Goodbye Popcorn Time "Piracy is not a people problem. It’s a service problem. A problem created by an industry that portrays innovation as a threat to their antique recipe to collect value. It seems to everyone that they just don’t care."

The Guardian - Social cohesion binds Australia stronger than ever even as Tony Abbott came unstuck David Marr on the recent Scanlon Foundatio report: "The country has survived the Abbott years bruised but with its best instincts intact. Despite the fear campaigns of the last few years, Australians remain tolerant, proud, resilient and overwhelmingly optimistic."

The L Magazine - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (by Scott McClanahan) "Then I asked her why she believed in GOD. I told her this god she believed in must be a madman. I told her this god was really shitty at what he did, or maybe he was just something else. Maybe he was just lazy as shit and incompetent. Sarah shook her head and smiled. Then she asked me, 'You want to know what nurses spend their money on?'"

The Huffington Post - So, Tsu Me: Why Facebook Is Terrified of This Virtually Unknown Competitor and What It Could Mean For the Future of the Internet "Think about all friends you told to join Facebook at the beginning. The posts you've shared, all the pages you've liked, and all the groups you've joined/started since creating your Facebook profile. Now, imagine how much revenue you've generated for Facebook. Now imagine how much you could have generated for yourself. Revenue that, with just a click of a mouse on Tsu, could be shared with the charity of your choice. No personal bank info needed."

Medium - The Stack That Helped Medium Drive 2.6 Millennia of Reading Time Inside the architecture of Medium.

— 2015-10-30

smug cardigans

October 26, 2015 (7:41pm)

Look at this turnt unit, right in front of the dog shop too @jamescarthew #humanmudflap

A video posted by (@browncardigan) on

October 27, 2015 (12:19pm)

October 27, 2015 (3:22pm)

October 27, 2015 (7:12pm)

UPDATE: October 28, 2015 (3:40am(?)). Pedestrian write post which is pretty much the same as what you're looking at right now, except with more 'OTT' and 'ICYMI'.

Being the timely sons o'bitches they are, Brown Cardigan posted the video to their Instagram hours before Fairfax had likely even caught a glimpse of it, let alone published it themselves.
— 2015-10-28

Friday Bookmarks (Week 43, 2015)

The Guardian - Turnbull defends purchase of $14m worth of copper to deliver NBN "The prime minister has defended the national broadband network's purchase of 1,800km of copper to deliver his vision of fibre to the node."

YouTube - Paul Keating in conversation with Kerry O'Brien

Bandcamp - DEMO by G.L.O.S.S.

Bandcamp - Diet Cig

The Independent - 'Springfield and Shelbyville are warring brains': Guy spends 2 days taking LSD and watching The Simpsons, documents his revelations "A man went on the marathon viewing to end all marathon viewings this week, apparently watching The Simpsons for over two days whilst eating LSD in the hope of finding a hidden truth to the series."

The Guardian - Homan Square revealed: how Chicago police 'disappeared' 7,000 people "From August 2004 to June 2015, nearly 6,000 of those held at the facility were black, which represents more than twice the proportion of the city’s population. But only 68 of those held were allowed access to attorneys or a public notice of their whereabouts, internal police records show."

The New York Times - Jonathan Franzen's Crackling Genius "He likes women from California, at least that is what he always says, and he is someone I could telephone in consternation, in need of advice, and have done so. But he would not want to hear from me every day, and this has also strengthened a mutual trust, both of us being people who want brief social engagements and then to return to nurturing a productive alienation or joy and either way conduct life with a limited amount of interaction, at least with other writers."

The Guardian - All of Australia's national security changes since 9/11 in a timeline "We've collated all the additions to national security laws, and introduction of new powers, in this interactive timeline. You can filter the timeline by clicking on the coloured categories in the menu. For example, filter by ‘police powers' to see how the time people can be held without charge has been increased several times."

Medium - Why Twitter's Dying (And What You Can Learn From It) "To understand what really happened, let's examine what didn't. Competition. From the new startup du jour. They are marginal contributors at best to Twitter's sudden decline for the simple reason that people do not use them enough to attribute said decline solely to them — and the larger reason that they are not substitutes for, but complements to, micro-messages."

Practical Ethics - Why It's OK to Block Ads "Arguments against ad blocking tend to focus on the potential economic harms. Because advertising is the dominant business model on the internet, if everyone used ad-blocking software then wouldn't it all collapse? If you don't see (or, in some cases, click on) ads, aren't you getting the services you currently think of as 'free'—actually for free? By using ad-blocking, aren't you violating an agreement you have with online service providers to let them show you ads in exchange for their services? Isn't ad blocking, as the industry magazine AdAge has called it, 'robbery, plain and simple'?"

— 2015-10-23

What if we just did this forever, then what

It's been a while. Before outcomes and associated pauses of reflection.

It started back when I had that Nokia 3310 with the thick Cronulla Sharks protective case and the "I Ain't Mad at Cha" ringtone (mono) with the cutting edge vibrate feature that would not only provide a lazy source of several smutty 18-year-old jokes, but also prove to be violent enough to routinely cause the phone to throw itself off the small circular tables at the local Catholic club. Baptism not required for entry, just a relatively sober start and either an address outside the allocated five kilometre members radius or a $5-a-year members card.

We'd budget it precisely. One chicken schnitzel in the bistro and four quick schooners of Tooheys New or Victoria Bitter or Carlton Draught in the little corridor space between the pokies and the TAB. There's a jukebox there, which if you fiddle around with the hidden volume knob at the back can successfully drown out the euphoric yelps of the frequent features on the nearby Queen of the Nile machines. It's long before beer taste buds have formed. It's all just paint-stripper. We'll have four schooners of whatever is the cheapest. Four rounds. All even.

If the courtesy bus is running we'll stay for an extra one. Nobody's shout, we'll all just chip in. If not, we'll get the guy working the front desk to book us a cab. He's familiar. Maybe two years above us at school. Dropped-out or expelled during that police investigation into car stereos or drugs or whatever it was. Now he's all neatly dressed, with a waistcoat and a thick blanket of pot odour. Saving money two ways working on the Saturday night, soon will have enough to repair his Commodore's fan belt.

It's 10:30pm, precisely. We'll take this carefully orchestrated operation to the nearby disco, 90 minutes ahead of when the watered-down $2 spirits have their price bumped up to $3.20. We'll fill a table with drinks, get told off by a staff-member mindful of their recent RSA issues and, hopefully, find a rush within the balanced mix of syrup cola and alcohol by the time midnight hits. We'll stagger out onto a nearby dance floor, a seven-square metre hardwood area separated from the surrounding stained carpet by a small array of podiums. We'll shuffle our feet without correlation to the stereo output, most likely the fifth or sixth single from Nelly's 'Country Grammer' album.

We'll stay late, until we can't calculate the value of the coins in our pocket, or there's no items requiring addition. We'll stumble out into the colder pre-dawn air, the sweat sticking on our arms and immediately forming as the jumper we forgot to bring. Or lost at some point. Definitely not enough left to pay a jacked-up, post-midnight taxi rate, so we're forced to walk the 10 kilometres home. Maybe pool our last few dollars and split some re-heated 4am option at the service station. Duck over the freeway to avoid walking past the government housing block, our drunk minds calculating 110km/h cars are easier to dodge than someone looking for an easy target to roll.

Saturdays are a swirl of shit-talk and little consequence. Sunday mornings are non-existence and swiftly followed by evenings that are the polar opposite of the previous 24 hours. Just regrets and uncomfortable paranoia. Despite a head-throbbing weariness, there's little chance of sleep. At least right now. It's unsettling, yet temporary enough to not hinder the chance of a repeated ritual in a mere six days time.

— 2015-10-20

Friday Bookmarks (Week 42, 2015)

ESPN The Magazine archives - David Fleming's Tao of Poo "After racing nearly 140 miles, first through the ocean, then across the blackened lava fields of Kona, Hawaii, Julie Moss crested the final hill of the 1982 Ironman Triathlon alone in front, hovering near delirium. She was also about 45 seconds from becoming, as she remembers it, 'the ultimate, giant, chocolate mess.'"

The Internet's Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz Now on Netflix Australia. Synopsis: "Programming prodigy and information activist Aaron Swartz achieved groundbreaking work in social justice and political organizing. His passion for open access ensnared him in a legal nightmare that ended with the taking of his own life at the age of 26."

SMH - Sam de Brito: the writer, the philosopher, the friend I could call at 3am Adam Gibson: "Sure we talked about footy and women, but that was always secondary to the search for something more interesting, something more important, something to make life worth it."

Blerg - Why Eddy Current Suppression Ring’s return is so important to the Australian music scene Ahead of their long-awaited return at Golden Plains X, Ryan Veal analyses the Melbourne band's significance: "..Eddy is coming, Eddy is coming. That’s the point that drives home the love for Eddy Current fans: the guarantee of their shows. Always lively performances that matched the raw energy of the albums and, perhaps most distinguishing of all, you knew that you were seeing and hearing an Australian act. They are nothing if not uniquely that."

NY Times - A Very Revealing Conversation With Rihanna Miranda July: "Rihanna hugged me hello and we sat down in front of two glasses of white wine. 'Your eyes are amazing,' she told me, pulling her chair closer. 'I'm staring at you and I feel like my eyes are gonna blur because all I can see are those tiny dots.'"

Films for Action - The White Man in That Photo The story of Peter Norman, the Australian sprinter who features in the famous 'black power' salute photo of the 1968 Summer Olympics in Mexico City.

— 2015-10-16

On the Edge with Marc Maron

My boy Nathan Wood interviewed Marc Maron for RS:

Maron's fear of inevitable failure has always been a running part of the narrative of his best-known work - the immensely popular podcast WTF With Marc Maron. Since its debut in 2009, the twice-a-week, part confessional, part interview show has opened with the veteran alternative comedian, a self-described neurotic mess of a man, monologuing about his latest worrying concerns, including health scares, relationship problems, issues with his family, and an ever raging struggle to manage an army of domestic and feral pet cats.

However, it's that neuroticism that has charmed a massive audience into following his every move over the years, as he's gradually grown in confidence, dealt with the pain of two failed marriages and a longtime struggle with drugs and alcohol abuse (he's been sober since 1999), and eventually learning to cope with an ever-increasing momentum of present day success.
— 2015-10-09

Friday Bookmarks (Week 41, 2015)

The Guardian - How the banks ignored the lessons of the crash

Pitchfork - Chaos Theory: The Glorious Unpredictability of Young Thug

— 2015-10-09

Friday Bookmarks (Week 40, 2015)

The Monthly - Standing on the outside

The Fader - Peak Drake

The Guardian - The rise and rise of Barangaroo: how a monster development on Sydney harbour just kept on getting bigger

YouTube - DoughBoyz CashOut "City Of Dealers" (Dir by: Payroll Giovanni)

— 2015-10-02

Briggs on his new Bad Apples label

For Rolling Stone Australia:

First you get the fame, then you set up a label and put all your mates on.

While this has served as an almost compulsory path for hip-hop artists (hell, even DMX briefly ran his own imprint), the rappers-to-label-bosses transition has consistently been utilised as a graduation program, ensuring both a continual guard-change and the genre's creative evolvement.

For Australian rapper Briggs, the decision to set up his own label, Bad Apples, is something he simply says was the "next logical thing for [him] to do", yet he's also quick to point out it serves primarily as a reaction to the local scene becoming a bit of an echo chamber.
— 2015-09-30

Friday Bookmarks (Week 39, 2015)

The New York Times - Yogi Berra, Yankee Who Built His Stardom 90 Percent on Skill and Half on Wit, Dies at 90 "The character Yogi Berra may even have overshadowed the Hall of Fame ballplayer Yogi Berra, obscuring what a remarkable athlete he was."

Gizmodo Australia - Pebble Time Round Hands On: A Smartwatch For People Who Don't Like Smartwatches

Medium - Ad Blocking and the Future of the Web Jeffrey Zeldman: "Your site may soon be collateral damage in a war between Silicon Valley superpowers. By including ad blocking in iOS9, Apple isn’t trying to take down your site or mine — just like the drone program doesn’t deliberately target civilians and children. Apple is trying to hurt arch-rival Google while providing a more elegant (i.e. more Apple-like) web experience than user-hostile ad networks have previously allowed. This is a great example of acting in your own self-interest, yet smelling like a rose. Will independent sites that depend on advertising be hurt along with Google?"

Vice - How Drake Found Himself in Future's Shadow on 'What a Time to Be Alive' Try nice, but nope.

Collapse Board - After the Dole Rush: Beef Jerk and Modern Australia

Lefsetz Letter - Ad-Blocking "It’s like there are two internets. One of skeptical consumers doing their best to navigate their lives and the other of scumbag providers doing their best to win through subterfuge. Then again, in a world where brands are revered and Volkswagen cheats why do we expect people to bend over backwards for businesses?"

NY Times - Enabling of Ad Blocking in Apple’s iOS 9 Prompts Backlash - Ad Blocking Irony

— 2015-09-25

The Healthy Hate, Part 2: Mortality and Marathons

My grandfather, Desmond "Roy" Nail, was a semi-professional footballer who played for St Blazey and Plymouth Argyle in various South-West England post-war leagues. He died aged 52.

Several decades later my uncle died, also 52. Two years earlier my own mother had passed away at the exact same age.

Each had their own particular vice: alcohol, tobacco, lard. Unhidden weaknesses, but inflated to main stage prominence upon this final act.

Selfishly, I've at times viewed this purely coincidental pattern exclusively with a competitive eye, sparing the genetic flaws against my own free will. Measuring my own life decisions against hypothetical scenes starring those handpicked from my family tree. And then patting myself on the back after minor personal successes, as if I was defying some sort of genetically inherited curse.

Ironically, it's a pessimistic perspective owed, at least in part, to my mother's own contradictory belief system - borrowed equally from religion and science. She would talk at length about the unfathomable wonders of heredity, in awe of its traceable logic, whereby recessive human traits are forced into extinction by dominant opponents, while equally valued attributes fight in a mathematical battle of probability. She'd also been raised under a strict Roman Catholic doctrine, empowered by its misguided master plan of "whatever will be will be" and a deeply held belief that an all-controlling Man In The Sky was gifted with the ability to override any proven human discovery.

With a weakness for dramatic consequence, I've welcomed the burden of both sides - defined by inescapable genes and punished for an eternity by the resulting actions.


Deadlines. That squad of project managers have already scheduled those top floor meetings, editors have archaic real estate to fill and armed with those powerful binoculars we can just make out that distant border between an understandable existence and one our tiny minds will never be able to comprehend.

Taken as an inflexible - however, arbitrary - endpoint, deadlines are intended purely as motivational devices. There's nothing on that other side. Whatever happens between here and there is all that counts.

Between here and there.

Here there's temptations, an inescapable, genetic disposition. An instinctual feeling that some impulses are worthy of all unkind consequences.

But here there's also kilometres. A quiet night, early morning. Leichhardt to Beverly Hills. Stanmore to Sutherland. Woronora Cemetery to be precise. And just like that parable - maybe from the Old Testament - of two boys swimming out into the ocean and back, testing each other's willpower and endurance: "don't save anything for the trip back". You'll make it. You always make it. Let your mind wander away and those calf muscles - earned from countless, similarly punishing teenage treks up Old Ferry Road - take the load from here.


It's barely at the point where assholes buy sports cars, fuck trophies and search for justification within the 'crisis' chapter of their new-age guides. It's a fair distance from superannuation payouts and grandchildren. Before your own children transition from subordinates to stakeholders to custodians. Before any of their notable achievements, their first crowning moments. Long before the point of reconciliation or understanding of everything that was done. For them. By you.


It's hardly out of the blocks. It's thirty years short of the age proudly proclaimed by that guy at the starting line of every marathon. Bill Bailey, Phil Bailey, Grant Denyer, the white-toothed, cookie-cut cunt privileged with hosting such a mediocre media moment, passing time by questioning the guy that has done this 100 times already. "What’ll be different this time?".


What'll be different this time?

Previously: Part One

— 2015-09-24

Friday Bookmarks (Week 38, 2015)

ABC News - Average Australian spends just over $20 per year on music, new figures show

Earth. We are one - 7 Irregularities that suggest Earth's Moon was engineered

_why's Estate

The New York Times - Google, Twitter and Publishers Seek Faster Web

— 2015-09-18

Friday Bookmarks (Week 37, 2015)

Pitchfork - Album Reviews - Empress Of: Me

Curbed LA - Huell Howser's Volcano-Top Saucer House in the Mojave Desert is For Sale and It's Mindblowingly Amazing

The Guardian - John Howard says erosion of Australia's gun safety laws would be 'huge mistake'

The NBN: why it's slow, expensive and obsolete

Death to Bullshit

2 Kinds of People

— 2015-09-11

Friday Bookmarks (Week 36, 2015)

The Drum - Anti-Twitter editorials miss the point: the media game has changed - Coding for Journalists, Part 0: Why Code?

— 2015-09-04

How To: save on S3 monthly charges and avoid "dude, you've gone about 10000% over your allocated bandwidth" emails from your webhost

OR; Dropbox for web storage?
  1. $ tar -zcvf 2014.tar imagesfarm/2014/
  2. $ scp /local/dir/2014.tar
  3. $ tar -xvf 2014.tar
  4. - upload files to a folder in your Dropbox Public directory
  5. Download the Dropbox Desktop App
  6. Sync the Public folder
  7. define("DROPBOX_PATH", "*your dropbox bath*");
  8. $filepath = strstr($orig_path, '/2014/') ? DROPBOX_PATH . $orig_path : S3_PATH . $orig_path;
— 2015-09-01

Friday Bookmarks (Week 35, 2015)

The Atlantic - How Bruce Springsteen's 'Born to Run' Captured the Decline of the American Dream

Handkrafted - Custom Made Furniture & Bespoke Goods

— 2015-08-28

Friday Bookmarks (Week 34, 2015)

The Guardian - Royal Headache: High review – rough, emotive rock with a sense of import

life is noise - PREMIERE: Stream Making’s shattering debut LP, Highlife

Bandcamp - 'Give Up Your Dreams' by The Phoenix Foundation

FactMag - A beginner's guide to flying saucer attack

Gizmodo - The Ashley Madison Hackers Just Released a Ton of Stolen Data "Keep in mind the site is a scam with thousands of fake female profiles. See ashley madison fake profile lawsuit; 90-95% of actual users are male. Chances are your man signed up on the world’s biggest affair site, but never had one. He just tried to. If that distinction matters."

Medium - From The Streets Of Compton To Tom Brady And Gisele’s Old House Byron Crawford's ridiculously thorough history lesson. "'Niggaz4Life' is a difficult album to defend, because while obviously N.W.A. doesn’t advocate putting a shoe on a woman, it was released during a time in which Dr. Dre did in fact put a shoe on a woman."

Rolling Stone Australia - Royal Headache 'High' Review by Darren Levin

The Guardian - Royal Headache frontman Shogun: "I'm done with my tantrums" by Shaun Prescott

— 2015-08-21

Friday Bookmarks (Week 33, 2015)

Noisey - Ready to Die: Three Days of Drugs and Disintegration with The Grateful Dead

Vulture - Dr. Dre’s Greatest Musical Contributions, Ranked

Github - yabwe/medium-editor Source for the Medium editor

— 2015-08-14

Friday Bookmarks (Week 32, 2015)

Soundcloud - Devotional 'Wild Blue'

Noisey - Stream Wireheads’ ‘Big Issues’

Vulture - A Ranking of All 169 Seinfeld Episodes

SMH - More late-night venues will stop antisocial behaviour in Newtown, not more lockouts

Consequence of Sound - All Dogs share wistful new song “Skin”

— 2015-08-07

Friday Bookmarks (Week 31, 2015)

John Moltz's Very Nice Web Site - Flopping into the lead

Adam Briggs (SMH) - Adam Goodes deserves far better than this "How does a four-time All Australian consider hanging up the boots not on his own terms? I'm now asking myself this question in disbelief. An empathetic and endearing heart is a given when you grow up in an Indigenous community. So when I hear that one of my heroes doesn't feel he can take the field amid racial tension, the concern is not just for Goodes. It's for my whole community. We draw from our heroes, to find our own comfort, strength and guidance." - The Verge's web sucks

— 2015-07-31

Friday Bookmarks (Week 30, 2015)

5 bullshit things about television and the reasons behind them

Shaun Prescott - a quick description of how i felt seeing Royal Headache last night "It’s no accident that Royal Headache can sell out large venues now, because they offer something very few others seem capable of. They push back against the darkness of our age while indirectly channelling it. At a time when it feels like any happiness is undeserved this painful happiness is exactly what I need. When I’m absorbed in the music of Royal Headache I don’t feel like I’m hiding in it. The desire for happiness, and our responsibility to acknowledge darkness, meet in no man’s land. That’s why they’re perfect for me, and evidently lots of other people."

Medium - Never Read The Comments "If I were a dude, this commenter probably wouldn’t have looked me up on LinkedIn to check what I majored in."

Medium - Fairly Random Thoughts on Ashley Madison & the Swiftly Moving Line "No one should should offer up their private information to a giant centralized service that helps them achieve secret sex goals. But tens of millions of people apparently did. Because they were told, and believed, that their information would be handled securely. As a result, there are a lot of dudes looking in the mirror today and practicing the words, 'I was just curious! I was just poking around!'"

— 2015-07-24

Friday Bookmarks (Week 29, 2015)

aldous massie - unused artwork for tame impala's 'currents'

The Guardian - Huge and ancient underwater volcanoes discovered off coast of Sydney

Crikey - Chinese foreign residential property purchases - It’s Silicon Valley 2, Ellen Pao 0: Fighter of Sexism Is Out at Reddit

Australia nanny state: Have we become a nation of idiots?

— 2015-07-17

Friday Bookmarks (Week 28, 2015)

Rolling Stone - Joe Pepitone on Smoking Weed, Screwing With Sinatra and 'Seinfeld' - To The Readers: Editor Mike Williams Introduces A New Era For NME And A New Free Weekly Magazine "So what we’re giving to you is a major brand transformation that will deliver on all of these things. A brilliant new free weekly magazine that will reach more than 300,000 people each week, a new look that will bring you closer to the stories that you care most about, some shiny new digital products which I’ll be able to tell you more about very soon, plus more live events, new video series and more interaction with you guys on new social platforms."

Quartz - To save its stock markets, China is putting its whole financial system at risk "In recent days, the Chinese government unfurled a series of measures to stop its stock markets’ free-fall the scale of which has never before been seen. It is essentially giving investors a 'Xi Jinping put,' as Joyce Poon of Gavekal Dragonomics calls it (referring to Mario Draghi's European Central Bank put) in a note today—meaning, the government is assuring investors it will do what it has to to keep the market aloft."

Bandcamp - Carb On Carb 'Carb On Carb'

SBS Comedy Runway - Heaps Good Hostel

The NY Times - Zane Lowe, the D.J. Scratching Out Beats 1 for Apple "A friend said, 'Why would you leave XFM?' and I said, 'Because at Radio 1, I can play records to the nation.' It's the same thing 12 years on: Maybe I can play records to the whole world. It's hard not to get excited by that prospect when you love being that bridge between music and an audience."

— 2015-07-10

all good contemporary poetry is replicated from Instant Messenger screenshots from 2011

pretty great
must be an eastside thing
all our drinking holes end with the word
and start with the name of a former prime minster / balmain fullback

via T.J. Allen

— 2015-06-24

There are no good unexpected phone calls at 10:51pm.

Only ones with the unmistakable audible sounds of withheld tears and moped shoulders.

Only ones with the unmistakable audible sounds of withheld tears and moped shoulders.

Be ready with the right responses.

Share that ill feeling for a second. Not for the particular subject of the phone call and the news itself, but for the scene at the other end. And all the memories from similarly presented past acts.

But it's OK. Are you OK? It'll be OK.

I'll be down on Sunday and we'll not talk about it then.

Instead we'll just chat about the increasing property prices in your suburb and the increasing chasm forming between the two major political parties. It'll all be OK.

— 2015-06-22

Jogging About Wine

(Finally) snuck some rugby league 'analysis' into my 'professional' life this week...

As is often the case, these tit-for-tat publicity pieces leaked into the actual game. The Queensland-support-dominated crowd jeered Gallen every time his beautiful mug was displayed on the big screen. NSW players riled up Slater at every opportunity, forward James Tamou singling out the Queensland fullback early on for an unevenly-matched dust-up. The niggling celebratory opponent back-patting erupting on a few occasions, but as is the case in this new cotton-wool world of rugby league, the resulting scuffle was little more than aggressive stares and shirt-collar grips.


— 2015-06-19

Friday Bookmarks (Week 25, 2015)

Bandcamp - Who R U? by AUSTRALIA

GOOD - A Gay Couple Bought in 2008 and They’re Not Giving it Back

The New Yorker - Lester Bangs: Truth-teller "Lester Bangs was a wreck of a man, right up until his death in April of 1982, at the age of thirty-three. He was fat, sweaty, unkempt—an out-of-control alcoholic in torn jeans and a too-small black leather jacket; crocked to the gills on the Romilar cough syrup he swigged down by the bottle. He also had the most advanced and exquisite taste of any American writer of his generation, uneven and erratic as it was."

Bandcamp - Heart Beach

— 2015-06-19

Friday Bookmarks (Week 24, 2015)

Pitchfork - Op-Ed: Should the Black Artistic Class Go On Strike?By rapper/producer Busdriver, "For me, the thought experiment of an art strike conjures dreams of what could happen if Black Art and Black Wealth was harnessed against white supremacy, not for it. Artistic black labor has particular cultural and economic resonance and obscuring the origin of these arts goes a long way in disallowing the very concept of black ownership."

Mashable - The hipster is dead, and you might not like who comes next

Bloomberg - Paul Ford: What is Code? Amazing (and super long) read. "You have a reputation throughout the organization as a careful person, bordering on penny-pinching. The way you’d put it is, you are loath to pay for things that can’t be explained. You expect your staff to speak in plain language. This policy has served you well in many facets of operations, but it hasn’t worked at all when it comes to overseeing software development."

SMH - House prices: is the ground beginning to shift at last? Waleed Aly on housing affordability, "It's one thing to preserve a mythology in ordinary times. But what if our times are becoming rapidly less ordinary? We're now witnessing a generation of Australians on the verge of realising they might never own a home."

Kill Your Darlings Journal - A Seminal 80s Artist Who A Lot Of People Are Like ‘Umm Who?’ Or Are Like ‘Naa Man’ And Then Make I Guess Unimpressed Facial Expressions But Truly This Man’s Music Is Kind Of The Soundtrack To My Life LOL But Not LOL Too by Oliver Mol

Worry Dream - The Web of Alexandria (follow-up) "In The Web of Alexandria, I suggested that some very stable and reliable media, DNA and print, owe their stability and reliability to replication and retention -- every reader gets a copy, and every reader keeps their copy. The web, on the other hand, follows the strategy used for books before the printing press -- put a single copy in an institution, allow readers to come visit, hope it doesn't go up in smoke."

BuzzFeed News - Medium Is Shifting Focus - What changes at Medium and Yahoo Pipes teach us about the persistence of the web "When people post to Medium they think about exposure for their ideas today, but imho they should also be thinking about how people are going to find their ideas in the future. There's no guarantee that Medium won't shift strategy again, or shut down. It happens all the time in the tech world. With no way to dual-host content, and no guarantee of future redirection, Medium is not a very future-safe place to post."

Bandcamp - Spirit Bunny

Bandcamp - Coupla Couplas 'Dumb Punts'

New Matilda - Labor, Greens Call For Halt To WestConnex Forced Home Acquisitions "On Thursday, the WestConnex Delivery Authority (WDA) announced that a Leightons, John Holland and Samsung C&T consortium has been awarded a $2.5 billion contract to build the M4 East tunnel from Homebush to Haberfield in Sydney's Inner West. At the same time, 180 households were being issued with forced acquisition notices."

Github - nav filtering options: browncardigan/ New filtering options, check the top of this page ;)

‘Australia Restless’ Tour Diary – May 2015

Wikipedia - Capitalism: A Love Story

The Fader - Skepta's Mission

— 2015-06-12

Down Silky Roads

He/she stole my identity and started an Online Drug Empire.

I never should have ticked that "keep me logged in forever even if I try and logout" checkbox.

It's ok. You can still access your old identity. You just need to share it with a stranger now.

"Sorry, you can only access between 12 and 1pm."

When I worked at the hospital they restricted Internet access to certain websites. They trusted people to save lives, but not to stay out of the dark web.

"When I worked at the hospital" is something I love to say. People are always impressed. You can see it on their face/s. They think I was Making A Difference. In truth, I was just uploading procedural PDFs to the intranet and trying to access cinema websites.

I hope those who now control my identity continue to respect my passion for Film.

— 2015-06-09

Friday Bookmarks (Week 23, 2015)

Royal Headache — PRE-ORDER - Royal Headache - High - 12" LP

Hobart :: 6 Poems

NY Times - Review: 'Entourage,' the Screen Is Bigger, but Nothing Is Better "By the time it reached the end of its HBO run in 2011, “Entourage” had grown staler than last night’s Axe body spray. The passing of a few more years has not improved the aroma. Watching the movie is like finding an ancient issue of a second-tier lad mag — not even Maxim, but Loaded or Nuts — in a friend’s guest bathroom. You wonder how it got there. You wonder how you got there."

The Fader - You Need These Dadcore "WOES" Hats

The Guardian - Matthew Dellavedova isn't dirty, America: he's just Australian "In Australia, we wouldn’t call this foul play. We’d call it a way of saying hello. Australia has given much to America: flat whites, the word “selfie”, smashed avocado on bread, a bunch of governments willing to go to war. Without Australia the quotient of annoying people in Williamsburg on a Saturday night would be greatly diminished; you’re welcome, America."

The Music - Modular Label Boss Sued For Missing Tame Impala Money

Concrete Playground - Italo Dining and Disco Club, Sydney "5pm till late on May 31 to June 2 and June 5–7. Entry is free"

github - browncardigan/rss2tumblr first draft bit of code for a new project to syndicate content (manually) by pushing RSS feeds to Tumblr (via oAuth). Related: Rolling Stone Australia Tumblr - Liveblog: The Silk Road sentence is wrong "Once you bring parents' emotions into it, which they have done, people feel they can draw inferences that aren't there. There are lots of places other than Silk Road to get drugs. In fact most of the drugs in the world do not come from that website. So you tell me exactly how it's cause-and-effect."

Rolling Stone - Judith Miller's Comeback "Miller was renowned as a Times national-security reporter prior to 9/11, achieved stardom as the face of the pro-war propaganda effort prior to the Iraq invasion, and then became a household name all over the world once it was discovered she'd made the most impactful mistake the media business had ever seen."

Rolling Stone Australia - The Not-So-Secret Shame of Sepp Blatter and the FIFA Scandal "Hundreds of millions of dollars in international grease doesn't just happen because two screw-ups named Mitch and Frankie decided to play around with the company checkbook. And Qatar looks like the hot-weather version of some Stalinist forced-labor dam project in Siberia or a modern update of the whims of Pharaoh. If the 2022 World Cup is a monument to the greatness of Qatar's Emir Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, he's projected to have 4,000 slaves to take with him to the afterlife. None of this is new, and the thought that makes you want to go sit down in a darkened closet for a while is that these realities exist because most people are fine with things this way."

— 2015-06-05

The Healthy Hate, Part 1

"I think your jeans are a bit tight, mate."

Although clearly empowered by those three schooners of Pure Blonde at The Clock, the jeering comment was slightly faded towards the end, with his mind and it’s delayed sensory skills catching up to the potential implications of the insult, and attempting to enforce some sort of muting override. A self-gagging mechanism that seemed completely unnecessary.

This was his "home" turf. He was in a sea of similarly dressed humans, adorning tribal colours distinctly different from the red and black of my jersey. Furthermore, I was traveling with just my wife and another couple, disconnected from the Police-escorted main supporter gang that had been forced to enter the stadium an hour-or-so earlier.

I was happy to shrug off the insult. But my wife is a fiery bastard at the best of times and, nursing one of her infamous twice-a-year hangovers, wasn’t in the mood to let the taunt slide.

"At least he’s not wearing Target jeans."


New thing I wrote for fashion/literary start-up New Albion Sports. Read the whole bloody thing here.

— 2015-06-04

Friday Bookmarks (Week 22, 2015)

Skydreams - Marf Loth: A Strange History Recalled From A Hospital Bed "Oh, and ambulance sirens make a different noise in France than they do in Australia did you know that?"

Pilerats - Tender: A piece of meat swipes right on Tinder forever

Newcastle Live - INTERVIEW: Rick & Rusty from FKN NEWY "Now, this might be tugging our own schlongs a little bit but whatever. Basically, whenever you leave Newcastle and find another Novocastrian, they're always up for a good time and are the life of the party. But, you don’t go up and ask them, 'Are you from the city of Newcastle?' like some Steven Glansberg. There’s a special unspoken bond, kinda like Gidley and Tahu, where you can just nod and say, 'Fuckin’ Newy?' and 99% of the time (because Novocastrians are smart as) they respond with 'Fuckin' Newy!'"

NYTimes - FIFA Officials Arrested on Corruption Charges; Face Extradition to U.S.

Cook Suck - How absolutely bored shitless and how little do you need to value the sack of human skin and blood that is your fucking conscious life to go here? "Seriously, the Dominos and Pizza Hut CEOs are presently sitting at a bar in some Polynesian shithole tax haven country, pissed as fuck and putting your use of ROFL to shame with hysterical laughter as they play literal limbo with the human race: “How low will they go?? Ah hah hah we have so much fucking money thanks to all our fuckhead customers” they’d say and just start passionately kissing because they’ve made such a beautiful infallible business model they’d have no choice not to. "

Amazon - The Internet Is Not the Answer: Andrew Keen: 9780802123138 "The Internet, created during the Cold War, has now ushered in one of the greatest shifts in society since the Industrial Revolution. There are many positive ways in which the Internet has contributed to the world, but as a society we are less aware of the Internet’s deeply negative effects on our psychology, economy, and culture."

Hand Games Zine #2

Datpiff - Lil Wayne: Ym No More Cmb Hosted by @LilTunechi Mixtape

Bandcamp - love like a ditch by haddock's eyes

Rolling Stone Australia - First Listen: Tanned Christ 'Antipodean Sickness' "...a record that hooks you in with it's unfiltered ferocity and then guarantees your return with it's amazing display of veracity." [GQBY]

The Guardian - Same-sex marriage debate brought forward by Australian Greens "The party will move to have the debate on the bill brought forward to 18 June, with a final vote slated for 12 November before parliament rises for its summer break." Time is now.

Mess + Noise - Live Report: Repressed Records Presents... @ Vivid LIVE "The fact that Royal Headache have repeated these scenes in places of increasing stature is nice, but ultimately unimportant. The storying of Saturday’s whitewash needn’t go any further than the awkward summation of a newsreader who declared it: 'a royal headache for security.' Saturday night was never about underlining the triumph of an underground Australian band (wait to see how few people will show up to any show in Sydney next weekend). Instead, it was about Repressed exposing the niche they’ve carved under this city into the Opera House interior."

The Guardian - Vivid festival: Royal Headache for Opera House after fans invade stage "I didn't want to see the police start breaking people’s arms and faces, I could see it could easily go in that direction because drunk rock'n'roll fans are dumb and police are even dumber."

— 2015-05-29

Friday Bookmarks (Week 21, 2015) - What would you do if you woke up one morning and there was no Internet? "Many of us remember a world without the Internet, but we don't remember a world without the Internet that used to have the Internet."

Bedroom Suck Records - Peter Escott ‘The Long O'

Crawlspace - Just Your Average Bloke Next Door: Snake Cassette Reviewed Max Easton: "Culturally and emotionally, this tape is flooded with loneliness, and Montfort drives at feelings of alienation via two approaches. One is to mindlessly wander over a foreign instrument as a backdrop; the other is to tunelessly narrate wayward thoughts over cheap, conventional instrumentation. There are also meditative moments subtly disguised as drawn out lyrics. It's a travellers tape, and the feelings of culture shock, confusion and neurotic personal explorations won't be lost on anyone who has ever walked down a foreign street as the lives of strangers played out unsettlingly."

Pitchfork - The Charmed (and Charming) Life of Shamir Bailey "A boy who people mistake for a girl, a black kid who sometimes finds himself rewarded by a white world, Shamir seems to naturally reject category as just another barrier to personal freedom. At a rest stop, I notice his Brad Paisley T-shirt and remember his previous attempts at country music. When I ask why he stopped playing it, he gestures to himself and says, 'Nobody knew what to do with me.'"

YouTube - A$AP Rocky "LSD"

The Conversation - Don't Blame the Media, Malcolm: part 2 "Malcolm Turnbull has urged ABC journalists to adopt a 'less aggressive and more forensic' style of political interviewing. The fact that he made this request on The Bolt Report, Australia’s home of Fox News-style controversialism, may be viewed by some as ironic, but was he justified? Should ABC journalists be more polite when they interrogate our politicians?"

SMH - The Sydney housing bubble to pop, but how? Michael Pascoe: "The problem now though is working out where the bubble-bursting pin will come from when the Reserve Bank and federal government are depending on some of Sydney's housing fire spreading around the nation to keep the economy growing while awaiting Joe Hockey's Field of Dreams – 'If I assume growth, it will come'."

— 2015-05-22

Friday Bookmarks (Week 20, 2015)

Kill Your Darlings Journal - Shame and Stigma on Struggle Street "Struggle Street's total failure to address poverty as a structural outcome of our economic system meant that poverty was only ever represented on the show as a personal circumstance. The largely unnecessary subtitles and the patronising voiceover, delivered with the kind of fake working-class inflection favoured by federal politicians and tabloid news journalists ('dicky ticker', 'The Druitt'), took away any remaining personal agency the show’s subjects might have held onto. "

The Guardian - Are you drinking because you're working long hours, or are you working long hours to justify drinking? "A new study finds a link between working long hours and drinking alcohol at risky levels, but it might not be as simple as it seems." - How to have a future "The journalism world is having a fit of depression today as they learn that their something they've actually known for years: their distribution system is owned by the tech industry."

Medium - Generation Email "When email first started to catch on in the professional setting, I had my first job. It was in book publishing. The emails that people were sending then were incredibly long, as long as the longest Medium post, and formatted exactly like letters. They whizzed their way back and forth across Manhattan. Soon enough, those emails branched off into memos, jokes, forward twigs. Email settled into predictable patterns, and people complained about it, like junk mail. It was the way to stay in touch with the people in your life, and it was inevitable. Not telling you anything you don’t already know here."

Medium - Age of Robots: How Marvel Is Killing the Popcorn Movie "Some of what I have to say is going to read as genre snobbery. So let me get this out of the way: I fucking love stupid popcorn movies. They can be about superheroes, dinosaurs, aliens, a bus that can’t slow down; I’m not picky. Movies are unparalleled in their ability to portray scale."

Medium - Data (v.) "Let’s turn data into a verb."

NYMag - The New York Times–Facebook Deal Is Here "The deal raises all sorts of knotty questions for the Times. How many articles will Facebook get to publish per day? What is the revenue sharing breakdown? How does the Times protect the independence of its journalism, say, if the paper runs a hard-hitting investigation on Facebook? And what happens when the Times allows Facebook to insert itself between its journalism and its readers?"

Pitchfork - Reasonable Doubt: Is Jay Z All About the Money or the Fans? "One of the major issues with Tidal was its presentation. Gathering some of the most popular and wealthy musicians on one stage to reinforce the case for artists deserving more money for their work rang tone deaf amid an America galvanizing around the Fight for 15 movement for a higher minimum wage."

Good Food - Best places to eat in Parramatta, Harris Park, Granville, Auburn and Cabramatta by Andrew Levins

— 2015-05-15

Waltzing About Waterparks All Week

Oliver Mol - King of a New Jungle:

He's imitating himself, recalling the initial pitch he presented to publishers over a lunch meeting. For whatever reason his voice is considerably more high-pitched than his usual speaking tone. He sounds kind of unhinged. Maybe that's the short long black he's just "smashed". He doesn't normally drink coffee. It gives him "hectic anxiety".

Adam Gibson & the Ark-Arks 'Australia Restless':

The record focuses primarily on the romanticism associated with this nomadic existence, with the individual tales framed around the wider pursuit for national identity. Yet, Gibson — much like with his collaborative work with Aerial Maps and Modern Giant — remains enthralled by nostalgia, whether that's fond memories of forgotten indie bands ("Buffalo Tom are playing tonight and, in 1995, they were the greatest"), retrieving stolen trucks or dealing with bushfires ("my Dad started hosing down the tiles"). The no-nonsense factual recalls are brought to life by Gibson's attachment of detail, frequently zeroing into the specifics, utilising his intricately concise quips to highlight the seemingly simpler time ("this is for the bare foot days").

Oscar Key Sung - Unconscious and Alive:

But maybe 'gruff' is a fairly accurate label to assign the young Melbourne musician, at least within the context of his own solo work under the alternate 'Key Sung' surname. His new EP, Altruism, although not without the occasional sprinkling of optimistic pop, is distinctly dominated by a desolate undertone, depicting it's creator as lonesome, agitated and comfortable in exile. Almost nothing like the mellow, yet bubbly, character that greets me at the other end of the crackling conference call line.

Pinch Hitter 'I Like That You Make Bad Decisions':

Yet the utilisation of the unusual sound and it's significance (which we first attempted to describe back in July last year) finds a niche space ideally placed between simplicity and intricate detail, causing a contrasting shift of moods. On their latest single, "I Like That You Make Bad Decisions", the pacy plucks bolster the composition's fragility, taking the sympathetic sadness into a brighter, more optimistic space. Here, it's a path also traced by the lyrical restlessness, the economical nature of particular lines armed with wonderful, interchangeable interpretations ("I didn't get to sleep last night, and you're the reason why").

We All Want To 'The Haze':

"It's about the heart-stopping power of those half-imagined recollections you have of teenage summers," says ex-Screamfeeder guitarist and We All Want To songwriter, Tim Steward, describing the centrical theme of his band's third album The Haze. Abruptly direct and determined, the album focuses on concise, specific feelings associated with the particular moments, rather than vague memories and fuzzily obscured facts. Elements of Brit-pop boldness, R.E.M rambling and the structural composure of Broken Social Scene feature across the 39-minute record, but The Haze remains quintessentially Australian, sharing a forgotten-era foundation and a power-pop, indie rock aesthetic closer aligned to that of fellow Brisbanites Dollar Bar. It's a familiar sound, entrenched in a suburban simplicity, where a dominate brightness masks a more sinister realism, as highlighted by the blunt, lyrical quips that oscillate between reflective nostalgia ("spend your twenties trying to stay upright") and more literal time transportation ("I'm gonna tell your mother what I found you doing").

Ben Salter 'Boat Dreams':

This could be a pun party. Something about salter, salt water and this track's title. Maybe extend that long bow, shooting a dart at the one-off work of Julian Lennon. Stretch marks and rudimentary remarks that surely unjustly de-values the work of it's creator, especially considering his almost undigestible large body of work over the past fifteen years as a member of The Gin Club, Giants of Science and countless other offshoots of the consistently brilliant Brisbane scene.
— 2015-05-09